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Helping Families and Childcare Providers Access Critical COVID-19 Information

Connecticut Office of Early Childhood
Rapidly developing and coordinating essential communication

Using technology to improve the lives of young children and families

Connecticut Office of Early Childhood
Overhauling a website for an organization that impacts more than 200,000 kids

Helping Connecticut Transform Digital Services

State of Connecticut
Creating a roadmap to help Connecticut serve their constituents more efficiently and effectively

Testing Solutions That Help Families Access Child Care

Connecticut Office of Early Childhood
Streamlining communication to help parents apply for affordable child care

Finding Ways to Improve the U.S. Organ Donation System

Investigating the technology and practices behind the organ donation system

Discovering Ways Technology Could Help Foster Youth Aging Out of Care

Think Of Us
Identifying opportunities to improve outcomes for youth as they leave the foster care system

Designing a More Effective, Safer Way to Share Data

The State of Connecticut
Helping Connecticut improve policies and services through better data sharing practices

Finding Opportunities to Support Families Experiencing Homelessness

The State of Connecticut
Investigating the complex challenges for families facing housing instability


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